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The South Lancashire Bat Group holds a vast database of bat records including roosts, the results of hibernation, bat box and nocturnal surveys and the location of injured or grounded bats. We also welcome, record and disseminate casual sightings of bats from SLBG membership and others. (see below; “submit a record”)

Records searches are often carried out by environmental consultants but we may also provide records to other interested parties or those who require information as part of their research. All data held by SLBG is subject to Data Protection legislation.

SLBG are working in partnership with the Greater Manchester Local Record Centre (GMLRC) and Lancashire Environment Record Network (LERN) in order to provide single points of contact for those seeking ecological records for bats. SLBG records are forwarded to and are regularly updated with these two home local records centres. If you require a bat record search, please contact the GMLRC at or LERN  at  providing details as they require. SLBG does hold records for other areas including Merseyside and Cheshire, but contact should be made with the local record centres which cover the area you are interested in. A list of these local record centres may be found on the ALERC website at .


Submit a Record

If you have seen a bat locally, please fill in the SLBG record template 24.11.20 and email it to the group’s records officer (address is on the form). These records are very important in furthering our understanding of which bats we have and their distribution and abundance locally.


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