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14th March Massive turn out at today’s Bat Law workshop and Bat ID workshop. Thank you to Steve and Clare for two very informative sessions.

28th Feb – 1st March
We spent the weekend with Clwyd Bat Group this weekend to undertake some hibernation surveys. As usual we had a great turn out and more importantly, lots of bats to add to the annual count records.

27th February. A massive thank you to Phil Brown of Bristol University for presenting his MSc research into the distribution and habitat preference of Whiskered, Brandts and Alcathoe bats to us this evening.

24th January. Looks like we are going to have another busy year. Check out our events page for more information.

21st January. Winter time can only mean one thing, its time to clean and mend our kit. The harp traps are on tonight’s agenda.

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015. It has been a fantastic year for SLBG. We would like to thank you all for making 2014 very special year. We have welcomed new members and said a fond farewell to Mary as she retired from bat care. We have spent endless hours surveying, baking and even canoeing for our bats. We had record counts at some survey sites and were very privileged to take part in The National Nathusius Pilot survey. All in all it has been wonderful and we hope that you will join us for what promises to be a very exciting and busy 2015. A very Happy New Year to you all!

SEASONS GREETINGS!We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas – we hope you all have a wonderful time.

2nd December - Its that time of year again where QI meets SLBG  and Christmas quiz takes centre stage of the bi-monthly bat group meeting.

29th November
- Some of our members ventured over to Chester Zoo today to get a privileged look at the emergence of the bats in ‘Fruit Bat Forest’.

5th November
- The National Nathusius Pilot Survey has now been completed, and we express our thanks for all the volunteers who have helped, taken part, processed, scribed, baked(!) and supported the project. We had help from a total of exactly 100 different volunteers, mainly from within the group, but also from Cheshire Bat Group, Merseyside & West Lancs bat Group, Knowsley Safari Park Staff and Volunteers, Cheshire East Rangers, and YACWAG, who amassed a grant total of 328 equivalent survey nights.

31st October Happy Hallowe’en! Remember, bats are for life not just for Hallowe’en.

28th September - We have had the pleasure of spending this weekend at the Lancashire Police Headquaters open event. SLBG would like to thank the Lancashire constabulary for the invite, the public for their support and interest in bat conservation and our volunteers for helping to make it a very successful and enjoyable weekend.

BIG THANKS – to Andrew Dobson of Titley UK – Supplier extraordinaire of Anabat products to the UK Market, for the donation of some PDA’s for the Bat Group’s use. Cheers. For more information on Titley UK visit their website here – Titley UK

21st September – Sale Water Park was the last of last weeks 5 trapping sessions, a Whiskered bat was the outcome.

20th September - Chorlton Ees was the location of choice last night – lots of common and soprano pipistrelle’s were out and about early on. A few of us even stopped of at Unicorn co-operative to celebrate its 18th birthday with some lovely food and even free cake.

17th September – A female whiskered was the only bat caught at Island Lodge – great to confirm what we always expected from heterodyne detector surveys!

15th September -  The Nathusius pilot project was given a boost with the appearance of a beautiful male Nathusius.

14th September – The Nathusius project stepped up a pace with the discovery of 6 bats at Marbury Park. We had a number of soprano pipistrelles, a noctule and a Natterer’s bat (the first for the site). The Nathusius pips were 3 of the males we caught on 18.08.2014, and ringed, 2 of them had found females and were found in the box together. We also added another male in a box on his own. A fantastic day.

13th September - Swarming session no.2 for this weekend. It was cold but the bat’s kept us busy nonetheless with a record count for the site. Species included: Daubentons, Whiskered, Brandts, Natterers, Brown long-eared and Common Pipistrelle.

12th September - A warm welcome to two members from Durham bat group who have joined us for a busy weekend of swarming surveys. Lots of bats kept us busy busy busy, a great opportunity for some of our members who were new to swarming

25th August - Elsewhere in the UK, a few of our members have spent their bank holiday weekend tracking bats down in Oxfordshire.

20th August - Another great night at Tatton park with lots of bats including daubentons, common pipistrelle, soprano pipstrelle, whiskered and brandts; but the most exciting was the appearance of a lovely brown long-eared, the first we have caught at Tatton.

18th August -  It was a chilly night surveying in Knowsley Safari park but the bats made an appearance despite the weather.

13th August - Our involvement in the Nathusius project was given a boost when our survey at Marbury produced not one but FOUR nathusius pipistrelles. Stay tuned to hear more about the project and these rare bats. 

3rd July - Baby bat season is well underway and we are as busy as ever. If you find a grounded or injured bat please visit our HELP! I’ve found a bat page for advice on what to do next.

14th June - Tatton Park is proving to be a brilliant site for bats. We surveyed from dusk until dawn and found 6 new roosts – 3 Soprano pip and 3 Long-eared. We also had records of Noctule, Daubentons, Whiskered/Brandts and Common Pip.

4th June - A great evening out with Clwyd Bat Group in North Wales complete with lovely welsh scenery and of course…Lesser Horseshoe Bats.

27th May - A bit chilly compared to the other nights surveying at Tatton Park but the bats came out nonetheless. Again, lots of Noctule and Soprano were recorded, and we even came across some other creatures of the night including fox, badger and a cheeky hoot from a tawny owl.

17th May – Look at that beautiful weather here in South Lancashire today. A few of us are taking advantage of the sunshine and heading out to look at potential sites. Stay tuned for some photos of our day.

12th May - Another fantastic turn out for last nights survey with both South Lancs and Cheshire Bat Groups recording lots of bats from Soprano pipistrelle’s to Noctule’s and even a few Nathusius pipistrelle’s for good measure.

8th April - A warm welcome from the ladies of the Prestwich Ladies Club who invited us along to give a talk about bats and the work we do here at SLBG. We even got tea and biscuits, brilliant!

23rd February - Another successful hibernation survey, 2nd highest record of bats at one site with Daubenton’s, Whiskered/Brandts, Natterer’s and even a Brown long-eared on the list.

22nd February - The first workshop of 2014 – Introduction to Bats – proved to be a success. We welcomed some new members to the group, but best of all was the surprise find of a little brown long-eared bat. Brilliant start to 2014.

Congratulations! our newest bat enthusiast – Simon and Vicky Holden (and Millie, who has a new baby brother) are the proud parents of Alfie, born on 6th January 2014, weighing 6lb 5oz.   What great news at the start of the year!

26th January - Record counts of hibernating bats in Bolton!  Great, if cold day, full of caving, Daubenton’s bats and Whiskered/Alcathoe/Brant’s bats, plus a few which had been ringed in during the swarming surveys.

25th January – trip out to Liverpool World Museum to see the museum’s collection of preserved bats… really interesting day, photos have gone up on our facebook page

3rd December - Monthly meeting - A discussion on the future direction of the group as well as some of our future projects. Followed by a Batty Christmas Quiz, compared by our Chair, Martin Prescott.

3rd November Our recent bat box check at Duxbury woods found the highest occupation rates since we started the survey with 20% occupation and 23 Noctules, and 3 common pipistrelles. 1 Noctule and 1 soprano pipistrelle at Haigh!

Swarming Update


5 great nights on our swarming project during September and October. We caught 167 bats and most were ringed as part of our long term study into the use of both sites.


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